Water Bill Discount

Savannah City Council Adopted a new program that offers reductions to water and sewer bills for people with disabilities. Under the program, Savannah residents with a disability who meet income requirements can qualify for $16 off their bi-monthly water and sewer bill.
• To be eligible for the discount program, applicants must be:
– Between 18-64 years of age
– Have a household income of below $958 per month if single/$1,293 if married
– Live within the City of Savannah
• The water bill must be in the name of the client’s name or the client must be the head of household. A bill must be present at the time of the application.
• The individuals must present an awards letter showing they are receiving SSI or SSDI.
• Must bring proof of age (GA issued ID, birth certificate, passport)
• Address must match the State ID or individual must present separate document verifying city address.

Applications for the discount will be administered by Living Independence for Everyone (LIFE), Inc. Applications will be accepted on Tuesdays from 10:00AM – 2:00PM beginning February 3rd. For additional time slots or for more information, please contact Mark Swift by phone at 920-2414 or by email at mswift@lifecil.com.

LIFE, Inc. – Leveling the playing field for people with disabilities in order to create a world in which EVERYONE can fully participate!