Mr. A

Roy had an interesting dilemma. He was in the process of obtaining a power scooter that he so desperately needed; but before doing so had to first show that he had a ramp at his mobile home that would allow him to enter and exit his home safely. Through a collaborative effort with the United Way of Effingham and…

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Ms. P

Dear LIFE staff, Before I got the ramp, I couldn’t go outside, I couldn’t go to the grocery store, I couldn’t go to the library, I couldn’t go to church, I couldn’t go anywhere! I was totally housebound unless I paid someone to get me in and out of the house. I have 5 high, steep steps leading to…

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Ms. S

Dear LIFE staff, Before the ramp was built, there was just a sidewalk in its place. My daughter, B., had a seizure, fell, and bumped her head. But now that we have the ramp, it is safer for her to move around. She can hold on and not fall and hurt herself. It has been very helpful. B. enjoys…

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