Savannah Downtown Streetscape Improvement Initiative Meetiings

Downtown Streetscape Improvements
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Phase One of the Savannah Downtown Streetscape Improvement Initiative will seek to enhance three viable historic downtown streetscapes that express a rich and exciting pedestrian realm. Streetscape improvements will include Broughton Street, Bay Street, and River Street from Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard (MLK) to East Broad Street. Future phases will enhance the public realm for corridors in the area from Liberty Street to the Savannah River and from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to E. Broad Street.In August 2016, City Council approved a design services contract with diverse team led by EDSA for the Downtown Streetscape Improvement Initiative. The services include comprehensive planning, design, pre-construction, construction administration, and closeout services. Improvements for Broughton Street, Bay Street and River Street will be designed and constructed during this project.

Public Involvement
Throughout the conceptual design process, six public meetings will be held to encourage public involvement and participation. Building from the previously completed studies, these meetings will establish the foundation of the Downtown Streetscape Improvement Initiative and seek to build consensus among individuals, stakeholders, interest groups, and other agencies.

Meeting 1: Discover (Held December 5, 2016)
The meeting was held to provide the design team an opportunity to listen and gather important information from the community, city staff, and pertinent stakeholders. Initial inventory and analysis prepared by the EDSA Team was presented to the public. Community members had the opportunity to express any ideas regarding the downtown streetscapes project. The meeting presentation is available here.

Meeting 2: Overview (Held January 17, 2017)
This public meeting addressed downtown streetscapes as a whole. Results from the online survey were presented and a synopsis of the “Discovery Meeting” was compiled to illustrate what we have learned. Overall program elements were introduced and 30% Conceptual Design Progress was presented at this time. Consensus building activities encouraged community members to express any merits and concerns. The meeting presentation is available here.

Meetings 3, 4, and 5: Conceptual Design Review
Each of these meetings focused on only one street. For each meeting, a general overview of the first two meetings was presented. The design team discussed detailed program elements for streetscape improvements. The community had the opportunity to respond to 60% Conceptual Design progress.

Meeting 3: Broughton Street (Held February 20, 2017) The meeting presentation is available here.
Meeting 4: Bay Street (Held February 21, 2017) The meeting presentation is available here.

Meeting 5: River Street (Held February 22, 2017) The meeting presentation is available here.

Meeting 6: Downtown Streetscapes Presentation (Thursday, March 23, 2017, 6:00-8:00 p.m.)
This meeting will present 100% Conceptual Design for Broughton Street, Bay Street, and River Street. The public will be informed about future improvements and will have the opportunity to comment on these improvements.

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