WHAT: FREE sketchbook classes (materials included) for people with disabilities.

WHEN: 10/10, 10/17 & 10/24 from 1-2 pm

WHERE: LIFE Center – 5105 Paulsen St, Suite 143-B, Savannah


The more technology is integrated in to our lives, the cooler low-tech activities like sketch-booking become. It’s time to enjoy the simplicity, the growth, and the delight that comes from sketching. This class will introduce you to keeping a sketchbook, get you beyond any hesitation, and assist in developing your own methods. We will initiate different types of sketchbooks and explore why they are all important. Each class will introduce easy exercises that will help you to find your own unique sketching style. Learn how to sketch, draw, paint, and collage with a variety of simple techniques. Perfect for the beginner and experienced artist. Materials provided.

**REGISTER WITH: Shawana Bulloch – 920-2414 or Email Shawana