Success Stories

Roy's RampRoy had an interesting dilemma. He was in the process of obtaining a power scooter that he so desperately needed; but before doing so had to first show that he had a ramp at his mobile home that would allow him to enter and exit his home safely. Through a collaborative effort with the United Way of Effingham and GAP Ministries, LIFE was able to help build Roy his wheelchair ramp. Soon after, Roy received his scooter. Roy has been enjoying the outdoors a lot more ever since!
“Everything just came together beautifully!” said Mark Swift, LIFE’s Home Modification Coordinator. “It is a great example of the work performed by the LIFE team, and how we work with other organizations to help improve the lives of people with disabilities.”
Through a heavy Southern accent, Roy sums it up quite nicely. “I wasn’t able to get out previously, but now I can get out and go somewhere and see people.” I am very happy with LIFE and their partners with GAP Ministries and the United Way for the completion of my ramp. It has made a big difference in my life and makes it a whole lot easier.

Picture of a nice ramp that has a turn in itDear LIFE staff,
Before the ramp was built, there was just a sidewalk in its place. My daughter, B., had a seizure, fell, and bumped her head. But now that we have the ramp, it is safer for her to move around. She can hold on and not fall and hurt herself. It has been very helpful. B. enjoys being able to get out. Usually, she stays inside. It is so much easier for her to get out. For the first time, B. and her grandfather were able to have a weekend out together. Her grandfather is in a wheelchair, and prior to the ramp, he was unable to visit B. They like to sit out and watch the squirrels and the birds. We are having Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year here, and her grandfather can come out again to spend it with us. The ramp has benefited all of us. B. can get in and out safely without falling, and her granddad that is in a wheelchair can visit, and spend time with his grand daughter. On behalf of B., and our family, thanks for the ramp.

Ms. S

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