Get Involved

Adopt A Ramp Program

How can you help? Adopt-A-Ramp! Your donations of money and time can change lives, one at a time. The average cost of a wheelchair ramp is $1,500 (the cost ranges from $850-$2,500) and can often be built in a single day. A CCTV will allow someone with extremely low vision to read countless pieces of mail, books, newspapers, and more, for years to come. The relief of being able to take a shower without assistance is priceless.

Improve A Life

By adopting one ramp or assistive technology each year, you improve someone’s chances of becoming an active participant in the community, of becoming employed, of simply achieving some level of independence. The relative cost is small, compared to the benefit to the people of Southeast Georgia. Because LIFE is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, your donation may be tax-deductible. Your accounting professional can advise you on this.

Provide Independence

The satisfaction you gain from helping someone become more self-reliant is invaluable. Not only will you make new friends, you may gain new employees and new customers, as well. Funds may be designated for a specific county, or for general use.Your organization may want to do more than simply provide funds. If you and your employees/members want hands- on involvement, help is always welcome. Call LIFE for more information on volunteering.

Make A Donation

Your organization can choose the donation amount you are comfortable with, but here are some ideas to help you in your decision making: • $270 – will buy a talking watch or clock for someone who is blind • $850 – will pay for materials for one 12-foot ramp • $1,000 – will purchase hand controls to allow someone who uses a wheelchair to drive • $1,800 – will purchase a CCTV/Video magnifier for a visually impaired person • $2,000 – will widen doorways and create an accessible threshold in one home • $5,000 – will renovate a bathroom with a raised toilet, accessible sink and roll-in shower