Movie & Popcorn Peer Support Social


5105 Paulsen Street, Suite 143-B

Enjoy a laid back afternoon watching the movie The Butterfly Circus, eating popcorn and chatting with friends!

From 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm

At LIFE, Inc. Conference Room

5105 Paulsen Street, Suite 143-B

Shannon Ginn / 9129202414 sginn@lifecil.com

The Butterfly Circus is an award winning short film, portraying the life of a man. Will, who was born without limbs, works at a sideshow when he is discovered by the showman for the Butterfly Circus. In contrast to the majority, the showman appreciates Will’s beauty, encouraging him to look past his “disadvantages” and find a greater purpose in life. Despite the film being short, the message is clear. Most people have problems, but there is no reason to let that ruin life. It’s about finding opportunities in every situation, no matter how difficult it might seem